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Avoid Heart Disease By Drinking Coffee

January 10, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

A study of factors why people reach up to 100 years old of age attributed to the longer life to drinking a cup of coffee everyday. According to the research, which was released September of this year, even people who have high blood pressure benefit from a cup of coffee each day. It is thought that the elasticity of the arteries improves with the help of coffee. The better the arteries’ elasticity, the lower the risk of getting a heart disease. Replace your so “limited” coffee makers with Jura Ena 5 Auto Espresso Machine.

The research was held in Ikaria, an island in Greece popularly known as the land of longevity because third of its inhabitants hit 90 years of age. People who participated in the research were between 65 and 100 of age and have been residents of the island for a long time already. Since the 6th century, Ikaria has been the hub of health tourists. Compared with the Western average, the island’s population documented a 20 per cent lower risk of cancer and just half the cases of heart diseases.

An investigation as to whether drinking coffee regularly can prolong life or not has been conducted by the University of Athens. They found out that 56 per cent of the 485 people who were suffering from hypertension or those who have high blood pressure and at the same time moderate coffee drinkers they have evaluated had a healthy arterial condition. The arteries of these participants have been found more elastic than those of people who do not drink coffee or only drink a minimal amount of it. Excellent coffee maker? Try Jura Capresso Ena 5 and you’ll look no further!

What’s shocking about the research results, which were released in Stockholm, is that for every 10 person who drank 3 or more cups of coffee each day, only one had poor arteries elasticity. Dr Chrysohoou, the study leader, suggested that antioxidants, caffeine and other ingredients of coffee help improve the absorption of nitric oxide, thus improving one’s arterial function, which is usually found in poor state in hypertensive people. Having said that, she reminded people not to drink too much coffee because excessive drinking of it can already be harmful instead of helpful to one’ health. For your coffee machine needs, don’t forget to drop by Coffee Makers.

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