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Fly Fishing Tackle Summary: The Hardy Lightweight Reel

January 9, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

All through trout season, I relish each and every fishing adventure. Considering that I can’t go out as much as I would like to, my personal fly fishing tackle needs to be absolutely excellent. Even though I am often on a very strict budget, I like to buy the best quality gear I can afford. And when the tackle provides excellent quality for a sensible price, I am even happier to buy it. One fishing reel I have discovered lately comes from the leading UK manufacturer Hardy. Simply referred to as the Lightweight, this specific reel is filled with lots of high-end characteristics for a middle-range price of about £150.00.

Fly Fishing Tackle – Major Characteristics of the Hardy Lightweight Fly Reel

Whenever you are standing up to your hips in a very chilly, fast-moving stream, you will need fishing tackle that performs flawlessly. The Hardy Lightweight fishing reel delivers exact performance through its click-check that protects light tippets. The distinct Hardy “click” guarantees that I am working with a top quality reel. It is made from high quality, anodised aluminium which has both superb power and superior sturdiness. One quality I especially value is the quick change spool that provides the reel a lot of versatility. Spools can be found in a range of different sizes, from two- to six-weight, thus, making this reel a great alternative for fishing little streams. It can hold fly lines up to a WF-6 floating fly line or else a DT-5, along with 75 yards of fly line backing. I did buy a couple of additional spools, so that I could employ a number of lines.

Additional Info Pertaining to the Hardy Lightweight Fly Reel

I truly appreciate the unfussiness of Hardy’s layout, because this product has created a fishing reel which is both highly functional and attractive too. With over five decades of professionalism behind their merchandise, Hardy reels will give the fly fisherman definite advantage. Priced at approximately £169.00, the Lightweight model should be a good addition to any individual’s tackle box. A small, but notable, aspect is that the handle side of the Lightweight is aerodynamic, which means that this aluminium spool is able to breathe. This type of spool is precision-ground, plus the line guard is made from strong nickel silver. Although Hardy has striven through the past few years to update its image, the company has not ignored its established origins, and this reel is a great illustration.

Fly Fishing Tackle – Concluding Thoughts on the Hardy Lightweight Fly Reel

Having a lauded heritage that goes way back to 1935, this Hardy fishing reel is flexible enough to match either a highly-advanced carbon fibre rod or even a low-tech bamboo model, so you can hunt anything from sea trout to brook trout and light salmon. The click-check element makes the battle much more exhilaration. The style and components of the Lightweight reel converge to offer fly fishermen high performance while staying exceptionally light in weight. Line capacity will include WF6 and DT5. The fishing reel’s finish is stove-enamelled, with a gunmetal cage and matte silver spool.

For an exceptional piece of fly fishing tackle, I strongly recommend the Hardy Lightweight and will rate it at 4.5 of a possible 5 stars.

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