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New Haven Sedan Limousines – Get a Cool One For Saturday Night!

January 8, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

When thinking of travelling on vacation, what we think about the most is the relaxation we will enjoy while away from home somewhere at one of many vacation places that are memorable by many. Such destinations could be Cancun or the Canary Islands. But nothing makes it more complex than the related issues of actually arriving on time before the ticket counter no longer honors passengers’ bookings.

Do you usually get clueless of having to guess if you should park at the airport?

I myself, go through this daunting task. Having to plan out when to wake up, when to leave to the airport, when will I get there are all time consuming troubles that don’t want to think about!!! Road traffic is another thought that really bothers me. What if there’s blocked roads on your way?? Might be airplane delays. The chance for unexpected problems are endless. Let me tell you and I’m sure you can associate with this, but how many times have you missed your flight due to such problems? Or it happens sometimes and you had just missed the check-in counter that closed a few mins before you getting actually there? Or no, think about you arriving to the airport at the last minute and finding out you can only be on a waiting list even though you have a confirmation!!

I cannot stand these delays and just like many of us I do not plan ahead and tend to get myself into this mess!

So what am i trying to say? Simple! There is nothing out there like paying for your ease of mind. How do I achieve that? Simple, let’s say you’re in Westport and mostly runs about 1 hour to get to John F Kennedy, Laguardia, Newark or for the closer residents, Bradly Airport. Also, keep in mind that we service many cities all over Fairfield county, Here’s a few:

  • Monroe, CT
  • Norwich, CT
  • North Haven, CT
  • Marlborough, CT
  • Woodbridge, CT
  • Bethlehem, CT

Planning ahead of time, loading and unloading the luggage, unload and park your automobile at the airport is what spends time the most. Don’t forget the problems we talked about above. Usually, you can never find a parking at the airport or just outside of it for anything less than $175 for 5 days worth of parking fees. Now that’s about $23 for each day and we’re being cheap! Limo hire companies for airports and such can be a great alternative specially when searching for a CT limo as the price is usually about that price for a round trip booking paid upfront. That’s just around the same you would be allocating yet if you think about it, you’ve saved yourself 3-4 times that much in productivity!

Here’s how:
- You’re not speeding to the airport
- The risk of getting points taken off your license with a ticket
- Conserve on gas – you know how expensive gas is these days
- You’re utilizing the services of a driver that’s purpose is to get you there on schedule
- And best of all, your vehicle will be safe.

I’m more accepting to pay for professional services in exchange for safety and peace of mind. I’m happy with this decision after numerous issues and constantly telling myself that I would not put myself through such events again. Traveling can be a great experience yet for the unlucky ones, not planning ahead usually will have its inconvenience.

Enjoying a vacation can be a great time for all of us. Traveling specially from Connecticut or the tri-state area, a airport limousine is what you will always seek. See why I think it’s wise to reflect on your benefits when getting ready for a trip or going to the airport specially when the limousine is more comfortable: Get your wedding limo soon.

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