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GPS Navigation System Reviews

January 7, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

GPS devices have replaced road maps and your brother in law as the basic information banks for vacations of every distance. Choosing the appropriate GPS for your automobile can ask for you to give consideration to your requirements, predilections, personal capabilities, and the size of your dashboard. Further down you will discover three reasonably priced GPS units intended to furnish you with a good discussion about what is currently for sale.

The TomTom XXL 540s has got a 5 inch screen, which is perceived as quite large for a personal GPS instrument. The size of the screen is easy to see for a typical sized car or truck, and also makes the touch-screen adjustments convenient to use without overwhelming the monitor.

TomTom’s pre installed maps and IQ routes work together to supply you with sensible and exact directions, and you even have the alternative to customize the details as the chances arise. TomTom’s live traffic option must be ordered separately, and it possesses no Blue-tooth interface, nevertheless for around $140, the TomTom XXL 540s provides good value for your dollars.

If you favor a bigger monitor, Magellan’s new RoadMate 1700 could fit the bill, provided you are ready to finance the somewhat higher price. Priced at $250, Magellan’s GPS seems to place some value on screen size, seeing as the functions don’t truly support the higher price. This product also offers pre installed maps for the US and Mexico, just like TomTom, but an activation key has to be acquired to obtain the Mexico road maps. It does include a Blue-tooth interface and can handle multi-destination routing, nevertheless its relatively large size may use lots of dashboard space in a compact car.

If you aren’t enthralled with a wide screen and wish to focus on tools instead, the Garmin Nuvi 265T can possibly be your perfect product. The screen is fairly tiny, at 3.5 inches, although the interface is easy to use and the Nuvi delivers lifetime traffic service along with Blue-tooth accessibility. The balance of the Nuvi’s attributes are in step with our two previous GPS gadgets, and at around $150, the selling price is practically the same to the TomTom XXL 540s. If you drive a compact car, have really small fingers and excellent eyesight, you ought to find it easy to manage the compact monitor.

GPS devices, like high heels and lipstick, are actually a subject of personal preference. It is impossible to come across the ideal GPS for every car and user, although once you nail down your preferences, technical abilities and financial resources, you should have a much less difficult shopping trip.

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