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Fishing Tackle Review: The Greys Missionary 6 Spinning Rod

January 7, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

Being a lure fisherman definitely means that you will often should visit a good number of places seeking that prime specimen. For my part, I am prepared to go just about anywhere there might be a potential for landing a hard-fighting fish following a tough battle. That is why, I want my fishing tackle to be very transportable. One particular fishing rod I’ve found that is simple to haul and employ just about anywhere would be the Missionary 6 model produced by business giant Greys. Considering that it happens to be from Greys, I do have every confidence in the high quality and efficiency of the Missionary 6. It’s extremely functional, allowing you to work with a good range of lures, from weighty to the most lightweight. I use this fishing rod in salt-water and fresh water. The Missionary 6 product line builds upon tested spinning rod designs from a provider which has a perfect track record. The result? This fishing rod has considerably advanced build quality and sturdiness.

Fishing Tackle – Major Highlights of the Greys Missionary 6 Spinning Rod

The Missionary 6 is in fact constructed from high modulus carbon components. It offers an adequate power reserve whilst retaining a lighter hand weight. It’s really a feature I do appreciate, especially during a lengthy fishing session. High modulus carbon, incidentally, can be described as high-tech element that’s been heat-treated at temperature ranges close to 2000 degrees Celsius to extend its tensile strength. Considering that the fishing rod comes with easy-to-use screw-down reel seat, I am able to fit a good assortment of spinning reels onto it, allowing me to adapt swiftly to any fishing scenario. Even though a piece of tackle’s appearance is not very critical to me, this particular fishing reel, featuring its striking red and pearl colours, is quite nice-looking.

More Details On the Greys Missionary 6 Spinning Rod

For hauling, the Missionary 6 tears down into 6 pieces, allowing you to store it practically anyplace and have it easy to access. The rod’s segments are extremely simple to manage, considering that they are as small as 16″ inches lengthwise. It features good quality Fuji guides and a durable, anodised up-locking reel seat that has captive screw down reel fitting. This Missionary 6 can be found in many different weights which range from 40 to 100 grams. Additionally it is strong enough to tug a fish out of rocks or weeds. A prominent Greys game and sea consultant defined the Missionary 6 in a single term: “awesome.” Last but not least, it provides flawless, swift action from middle section to tip.

Fishing Tackle – Summary on the Greys Missionary 6 Rod

The Missionary 6 can be purchased in a good assortment of measurements — 7 designed for trout and 2 for salmon — and is obtainable in single- and double-handed variations. This well-balanced fishing rod is marketed for around £199.99, however do try to look for it on sale at around £179.99. The purchase price includes a tough Cordura® tube for protected storage and hauling. It’s really an exceptional piece of fishing tackle, and I’m pleased to rate it at 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. It is a versatile fishing rod which I would personally highly recommend to any serious angler.

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