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Beware Of Copy Cat Online Roulette Strategies

January 5, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

One of the most popular games in the online casinos is roulette and it goes without saying that people want to win. There are a lot of people selling systems daily, and there are a lot of people searching for them as well.

I have realised that many sellers copy off one another and simply re-name the system. It would be pretty annoying if you bought a system that didn’t work, then inadvertently bought the same one again from another seller.

Before I speak about a few of the copy cats, you should be made aware that most online roulette strategies don’t work long term. A lot of them have betting patterns that are really risky and will eventually lead to a big loss.

Out of all the copycats, the most recent attempt is roulette advisor, this is quite a bad rip off of roulette sniper, which is a very well known scam. It’s a software program and all you do is enter in the results as you play and then it will tell you where to bet.

The problem is that the system coded into it is known as gamblers fallacy. This is when you bet on a part of the table when it hasn’t appeared for a few spins and then increase your bets each time you lose.

For example it will tell you to bet on a colour when it hasn’t hit for four spins and then to double your bets after each loss until you win. This method is notorious for not working, you will definitely lose out with it.

As far as roulette sniper wannabes go, there are a lot, and roulette advisor is the most recent. The first to have a go at copying it was roulette raper, I know, awful name, perhaps that is why it never really took off. Also identical to roulette sniper, except for a $10 prize increase, is R-Bet.

You can get all of these products from Clickbank, which is the silver lining on the cloud here. This means that getting a refund is very easy when you realize that you’ve wasted your money.

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