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Habitual Coffee Consumption May Keep Alzheimer’s At Bay

January 5, 2011 by drewloupsen · Leave a Comment 

A research suggested that drinking 2 strong cups of coffee each day could decrease the threat of {having|developing|acquiring| Alzheimer’s disease and can revoke a couple of its symptoms because researchers have found out proof supporting the claim that caffeine doesn’t just helps stop dementia but it could also cure it. Despite the fact that the findings were just according to an animal research, scientists still believed that the research was full of potential. Sicked of the bland coffee you always receive from your same old coffee maker? Have it changed by a reliable coffee machine like Nespresso Citiz D110 Coffee Maker.

The research was conducted at the University of South Florida. Dr Gary Arendash, the study leader, said that the results backed up the claim that caffeine can not only give a protection against Alzheimer’s disease, it can also be a possible treatment for it. The findings were very important in Arendash’s view because caffeine is generally consume by people. He took note of how easy caffeine can be absorbed by the body, particularly the areas that are affected by Alzheimer’s.

Up to now, scientists still can’t tell what causes Alzheimer’s but they have linked the disease with sticky clumps of beta amyloid plaques, an abnormal protein that build up in the brain and causing destruction to nerve cells. Drinking coffee, as suggested by research from the past, has been linked to the lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Why put up with the same bland coffee your old coffee maker is giving you? Why not try Citiz D110 and your coffee habit will never be the same again.

Dr Arendash and his team studied 55 mice that have been genetically engineered to be susceptible to symptoms of Alzheimer’s as they got older. After two months, the team found out that the mice which drank caffeine performed better on memory and thinking skills compared to the mice which were only given water to drink. Beta amyloid level have also been found to be low in the blood and brain of the mice which were given caffeine. Coffee Makers can help you with your search of a much better coffee machine.

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